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What an amazing experience!

My first ever solo art show in a white cube space, EM Studio Gallery, in Amsterdam.


Of course, I have been showing my work in various places the last 1,5 years. But to able to showcase my colorful pieces in a gallery with pristine white walls and gorgeous light is the cherry on top.

Haggith in the door opening of the gallery during solo show in Amsterdam


For this show I decided to focus on one style. So, the pieces were all centered around playing with color (like I always do) but abstract only. This time no florals, no real theme like a collection. Well maybe a small theme…..I noticed quite a few have titles relating to music! That’s what you get when songs blast from the speaker while creating. The lyrics and music inspire a lot of my work.


After I hung my paintings on the walls, with the help of one of my daughter’s best friends, the look and feel were just what I was going for.


Colorful, every piece with its own expression, every piece a definite “Haggith”, movement in the art but overall peaceful and fun to look at.


The vernissage was wonderful. So many friends, family and customers came by for drinks and talks and close-up views. Love having those connections in the context of art!


Here’s to many more exhibits to come!

Haggith in front of November Skies solo art show gallery Amsterdam


The solo exhibition is from Friday April 12 till Thursday April 18, 2024.





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