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All my hobbies started out at the dining room table. After a redo of our house many years ago, we added an office space in the yard. This was a place where I could scrapbook and art journal and my husband could work from home. Unfortunately for him, the art supplies slowly took over, leaving not much space to work. And with me having the music blasting every time I got my hands inky, it wasn’t the ideal place for a home office. So, he moved out and left all the desk space to me. 

Naturally, I took over immediately. Sorry, Patrick. It wasn’t just me though that took over, but my paints and inks did as well. The desk and floor to this day are filled with color. 


Having more space, meant I could start work on different projects at the same time. And I did! My art studio was filled to the brim with canvasses, paints, watercolor papers, inks and painting easels.  


I had an awesome view of the park behind our yard. Watching people walking their dogs, going for a run. Seeing all kinds of birds in the oak next to my window. But it started to get full… full, that I noticed it hampering my inspiration. I could hardly turn around. 


Taking to the internet to find another studio nearby, I found Maakgemeenschap de Hoop. De Hoop is a creative breeding ground in an old cardboard factory on the outskirts of town. Five years ago, a team of creatives that had to leave their space in Amsterdam started building studio units in the old building. 160 units now house creatives in many different creative expressions, such as painters, woodworkers, photographers, decor builders, sculptors, and many other types of artists.  

I applied for a large unit that was available. And got it! 


May last year, I spent a few weeks painting and shopping for secondhand furniture. I wanted my studio to have a homely feel (or homey if you’re North American J). I now have space for a large table with chairs and extra easels. Yay, and room for hosting workshops!! 


I moved all my art supplies in June last year. And have been thriving since.  

I love this space! It’s big enough to step back to have an overview of my progress while painting. It’s big enough to keep my finished paintings clean and neat. It’s big enough to keep stock of ready-to-paint canvasses and canvas on a roll. It’s big enough to experiment with huge art (and with huge I mean like 200 x 300 cm). 

I love the atmosphere and the hum of having artists surrounding me, given me inspiration. And having a sense of colleagues. And having party’s and eating lunch and enjoying drinks and meeting each other at art fairs! 


Sometimes I miss the view and the birds, but the plusses that I have in return are so incredible. My work is growing, evolving, due to being able to experiment more. It is a feeling of freedom. And a feeling of finally having found my dream job! 


I absolutely love having visitors!! So, feel free to contact me for coffee, tea or drinks in the studio. And I certainly love giving workshops “intuitive painting”, a fully catered day of splashing paint. 


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